Sunday, 4 February 2018

What a pal Ava

Hello guys
Wow oh my goodness what a fuss trying to post a new post here it was so new and different not like I remembered it before....😀 well anyway I hope your all doing well? It’s been a real busy year with lots going on good and bad...we have moved house and things are so different, my little boy is almost two years old now and is growing so fast he is almost three feet tall which is kind of difficult when I’m only five feet tall myself lol...I’m hoping now I’ve got my blog back I can make more regular posts again I just hope I won’t find it so awkward next time...I have now got a YouTube channel where I will be posting some miniature tutorials needlework projects and tours of my dollshouses and  videos of my fur babies... I hope you will come visit and subscribe I’m listed as ministitches or just search for Rachel owen flosstube and hopefully you will find me please let me know if your unable to find me there I’m not very tech savvy and I’m trying to get things sorted out there thanks for sticking with me guys I really appreciate you all love and hugs xx


  1. Es cierto que crecen muy rápido, así que disfruta mucho de él ,me alegro que comiences con tanta ilusión de nuevo y con un canal Youtube, eso si que son ganas.Feliz semana:-)

  2. Disfruta de tu niño que como dice Rosa, crecen muy rápido.
    Bienvenida de nuevo a los blos, espero que nos des noticias de nuevo.
    Un abrazo